Photo by Georgina Richardson
Hart Bar, Brooklyn, NY, May 2022

Demoted is Cullen Gallagher (vox/guitar), Phil Harrington (bass), and Chris Hopkins (drums). Demoted goes back to a self-deprecatingly titled folder on Cullen's hard drive in 2013, where he stored demos unused by his band at the time, Night Squad. Jump ahead a few years, Cullen dusts off the old folder of one-man-band demos and self-releases an EP, No Use (2021).  The following year, the rest of the demos are released by Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes as Not Myself Today (2022). That album lead to the formation of a bull band with Cullen's old Squad compadre, Phil. Rounding out the lineup on drums was Chris Hopkins, who used to play guitar and sing in Anti-Difranco (wonderful weirdos from the 2010s NYC hardcore scene). Demoted's most recent album is Shit for Brains, self-released in 2023 and re-released in 2024 by Bad Channels Records. The art is done by another NYC hardcore scene buddy, Pele Uriel (Feces, Contract, Swinging Riot).


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Illustration by Junk, InYourEyes Zine